New FX Crown MKII Standard GRS – 2197126

FX Crown MKII Standard GRS


Licence: No Licence
Orient.: Right Handed
Barrel: 0.000
Stock: 0.000
Mechanism: Pre-charged Pneumatic
Origin: Other
Calibre: .177
Condition: New
Serial Number: 2197126



FX Crown MKII STD in the stunning GRS Green Laminater Stock. Features some significant improvements that’ll provide for more power and will make this air rifle even more suitable for long distance shooting: – 28% larger plenum – Bigger 6.5 mm valve – Redeveloped porting – 20 MOA Weaver/Picatinny rail (resulting in more elevation adjustment on your rifle scope) This FX rifle has multiple adjustment options to finetune the power to match calibre and ammunition of choice up to perfection: -Externally adjustable AMP (Adjustable Match Precision) regulator – Adjustable valve – Power Adjuster (macro and micro adjustment of the hammer spring) The FX Crown MKII GRS Green Mountain Camo has a Superlight STX (Smooth Twist X) barrel system with changeable liners that feature rifling pressed in from the outside, making for minimal friction and minimal tolerances. It’s a very accurate barrel system with the added advantage that twist rates and even calibres can be changed in the flick of a wrist. Furthermore, the FX Crown MKII GRS Green Mountain Camo features: – 480 cc carbon air cylinder – FX Match trigger with adjustable first and second stage (and extremely low trigger weight)